Up to 60 Photos for Each Vehicle

A picture is worth a thousand words is a very true statement especially when selling cars on the Internet. Dealers greatly underestimate the immense power of what having several high quality photos of every vehicle will do for their business.

Consumers do not want to read sellers notes they simply want to view photos of the vehicle. More photos engage website visitors generating more click-throughs, more test drives, and more sales. More photos will increase your ROI from your subscriptions like AutoTrader.com and Cars.com. Several excellent photos make you stand out in the sea of stock art and engage visitors to click-through to your VDP yielding more sales. If you do not believe this you are simply missing the boat and just maybe your aggressive competitor will be the one taking 60 photos of their cars.

More photos differentiates you from your lazy competitors and earns trust from consumers. There is no such thing as overkill when taking photos of your inventory, the more photos the better, no matter the price of the car. Photos are the most affordable and effective marketing tool at your disposal to increase sales and it is astounding how many dealers still don’t realize this fact. Several great photos allow the consumer to take mental possession of the car before they visit the showroom or test drive the car. The idea is simple, the more photos you take the longer visitors will be looking at and falling in love with your cars, and the more sales you will ultimately make!

Drop and Drag Reordering of Images

We realize that you sometimes may not capture the photos of your vehicles in the optimal order. Therefore, we have rolled out a new feature that allows you to reorder your vehicle images either before or after you have uploaded them to your website.

Our user friendly Drop and Drag technology gives you the power and flexibility to quickly reorder order your vehicle images.

Photo Overlays

This awesome feature allows you to automatically overlay custom color graphics over the first image of every car in your inventory. You can use one of our pre-made templates or create and upload your own. The main idea is that when we export your vehicles to third party classified sites you can now display your Dealership's Name, Website Address and Phone Number on the photo driving additional traffic back to your website and generating additional sales calls for your dealership.

New Arrival Photos

Our custom new arrival photo feature allows you to upload a custom thumbnail and photo for your cars without retail photos. This custom photo tells visitors that the photos are coming soon and allows you to display your website address and phone number increasing website traffic and inbound phone calls.

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