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Electronic Worksheets, Deals and Email Campaigns

Spend more time shuffling handwritten notes, paperwork and forms than delivering vehicles to your customers? Sales funnels should be streamlined without unnecessary and redundant processes. Unlock your dealership's true sales potential by using our Dealer Car Search CRM system.

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Driving Sales Top Rated Award Winner. Spend more time shuffling handwritten notes, paperwork and forms than delivering vehicles to your customers? It's no wonder net sold units and profits are down. Sales funnels should be streamlined without unnecessary and redundant processes. Unlock your dealership's true sales potential by using our Dealer Car Search CRM system.

Our Customer Relationship Management connects all of your CRM Messages to the Dealer Car Search Lead Management System.

Leads & UPs

The Piece Meal Approach

You may have tried combining products from multiple vendors together without success. Their website was okay, but they didn't offer a CRM. Another provider had a CRM, but it didn't have Texting or integrate with Facebook Messenger.

Sound familiar? The list could go on and on. The piece meal approach got you closer to your goals but caused more work for you, cost you money, and still didn’t meet your needs.

Lower Your Monthly Overhead

Imagine not having to deal with those headaches any longer. What if you could lower your monthly overhead by eliminating all those disconnected services? That's where Dealer Car Search’s Driving Sales Top-Rated Award-Winning CRM comes in.

Our Customer Relationship Management product was created with the needs of our dealers in mind. It connects all your lead sources into one easy to manage dashboard. You can set Appointments, communicate with leads, build Electronic Worksheets, Deals and generate relationship building Email Campaigns.

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Want even more ways to communicate with your customers?

Add the SMS texting and Facebook Messenger Product integration options.
You can enjoy all the time saving benefits, of an all-in-one CRM and multi-channel communications platform.

Leads & UPs

Leads & UPs

Every Sale Starts with A Lead

All your Website Leads are automatically inserted into the Dealer Car Search CRM. Once in the system you have full 24/7 access to all contact information from a centralized location. Want to import 3rd party leads into Dealer Car Search? No problem.

We will provide your dealership with a unique email address that accepts industry standard ADF formatted emails. The leads grid will display columns showing the contact information, lead type as well as the lead source.

Create your own custom lead statuses or use our standard one’s to follow your customer through the buying cycle. You can then prioritize your workflow to maximize profitability.

Congratulations! You Have Leads, Now What?

Salesman 101 - Get Them in The Door

When a lead comes into Dealer Car Search, it will contain contact information such as a phone number and/or Email address. Rather than copying that email and opening it up in a 3rd party email client to respond, simply reply from within the lead itself. Both sides of the conversation remain with the lead. No need to continually go between programs.

Reply Directly to Your Customers:

Example 1

Set Appointments!

Don’t Leave Your Success to Chance

Every dealer loves it when a random floor-up pulls into the dealership, looks at 1 car, takes a test drive and then buys it without negotiating the price. It’s a quick boost of cash but these types of sales are few and far between. There’s simply not enough of them to sustain a dealership. The reality is quite different. Often it takes multiple appointments, emails and phone calls to close the sale. Without a CRM managing these appointments and interactions you are leaving your long-term success to chance. If you've tried to keep track of appointments with pen and paper, you know how hard it is to keep up. Ever forget where you put the paper?

With Dealer Car Search's built-in appointment system, you can access your leads from any device connected to the internet. Setting appointments leaves you in control of your time and produces predictable lot traffic. The simple to use interface means you can see all your appointments from a Grid View or Calendar View. It’s an invaluable sales tool that’s flexible enough to fit the needs of the one man show and robust enough for a BDC with multiple employees.

Set Appointments
Set Appointments

Schedule A Test Drive

No Need to Go Inside

Our Driver’s License Scanning Technology can add your customer's information and picture into the CRM prior to going on a test drive. No need to go back inside to get a copy of the Driver’s license!

This is just one of the many features of our free phone app available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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When the Rubber Meets The Road - You Get Paid!

You’re almost there. It’s time to fill out the paperwork and deliver the vehicle to your customer.

They’re excited about the car and are thinking about driving it away. As you start to handwrite the information into the buyer’s order, application for title, power of attorney, buyers guide etc. you notice how their demeanor has changed. Without realizing it you’ve been planting seeds of doubt in the customer’s mind because the process has been long and drawn out. Buyer’s remorse is common and can be caused by a lot of reasons. However, generating the deal paperwork doesn’t have to be one of the contributing factors anymore.

Because all your customer’s data is in digital form you can generate your deal paperwork with a few clicks of a mouse. We have an extensive library of State specific forms as well as standard buyer’s orders and buyer’s guides to choose from.

The workflow is simple.
  • Convert a lead into a worksheet.
  • Select the forms you want to print.
  • Finalize the negotiations!
  • Convert the worksheet into a deal and deliver the vehicle.
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The powerful Dealer Car Search CRM allows you to quickly and easily convert your Leads into Worksheets. Next, use our all new Electronic 4-Square Worksheet to help your Dealership increase Gross Profit Margins.



Convert your Worksheet into a Deal. This is where you will solidify your transaction, obtain signatures, and complete digital deal documents for printing on your plain paper printer. A Deal with digital forms is now saved and can be referenced or reprinted later.



When you complete a Deal, a new Customer is created in the CRM System. You can then sell this Customer additional Cars later without re-entering their information.

In addition, you can email back and forth with your Customer from inside the CRM System and all email conversations are automatically attached to the Customer.

The Cost of Acquiring A Customer

It takes time, effort and money to bring customers to your dealership. As a matter of fact, the cost of that first interaction with the customer is one the most expensive you'll ever have with them. Think about all the overhead your dealership has such as advertising, signage, utilities and salaries.

With all that goes into acquiring a customer, it makes no sense to just let that relationship go to waste after delivering the vehicle. Instead, it needs to be nurtured through the sales process and beyond. An Excellent customer experience leads to positive online reviews, opportunities to ask for referrals, and their future business.

Top Rated CRM


Top Rated CRM

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Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns – The Right Way
The first goal of every email campaign should be providing valuable content worth reading and building up the business relationship. It’s a huge mistake to only send direct sales promotional emails. If you wouldn’t be interested in reading it then your customers won’t be either. There is no faster way to generate complaints and unsubscribe requests from your lists than bombarding them with sales emails.

You’ll find better success striking a balance between sending information like car care tips, discounts on maintenance, asking for referrals, and the occasional announcement of sales promotions. Using this approach builds the relationship organically over time. When they are ready to buy their next car, your dealership will naturally be on their mind.

Building a Sustainable Business Asset & Mining for Gold
For car dealers, it’s easy to see the value of physical assets such as inventory, real estate, and cash in the bank. What's not so easy is for businesses to recognize the gold they have buried in their customer data. You probably have filing cabinets filled with papers containing customer’s names, phone numbers, and emails. Year after year it just sits there collecting dust. Even if you try to work with it, it’s almost useless because the data is not in digital form.

By using Dealer Car Search’s CRM, you are systematically building a goldmine of digital customer data. Unlike the random floor-up, you are building a sustainable business asset that can be used to grow your bottom line for years to come. You can continually mine this gold through customer outreach and education. One of the simplest forms of outreach is through well thought out email campaigns.

Example 5

Professional Looking Designs – No Tech Skills Required.
In the past, creating professional looking emails required hiring an expensive designer and someone with computer coding skills. Dealer Car Search solved that problem and now offers Email Campaigns as a feature enhancement to our CRM System.

Easily create professional looking Email Campaigns with our User-Friendly Drag and Drop System. You can start with one of our templates or create your own from scratch.

Matching the right message to the right audience.
Just like the content itself, sending it to the right audience is important too. You don’t always want to send the same type of content to every person.

After crafting your email, you will have the ability to choose who to send it to. The leads are automatically pre-segmented based on when they entered the CRM. You can even use more advanced strategies like scheduling and uploading custom lists. Use cases could include sending out oil change reminders or birthday wishes.

Dealer Car Search’s Driving Sales Top-Rated Award-Winning CRM has everything your dealership needs. It connects all your lead sources into one easy to manage dashboard. You can set Appointments, communicate with leads, build Electronic Worksheets, Deals, and generate relationship building Email Campaigns. We even give you the tools to mine your hidden Gold.

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Our combination of industry expertise and insider knowledge allows us to innovate products that truly meet the needs of our dealer base. We continue to be recognized as leaders in the Automotive Industry and never rest on our laurels. Throughout the years we have helped thousands of dealerships just like yours sell more cars. We want to earn your business too!

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