Inventory Turn Strategies

Turn Strategies

Speed-to-Market & best practices.

Time is Money! Inventory Turn is crucial to your success. Use our color-coded inventory grid to coincide with your curtailment payment schedule.

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Inventory Turn Strategies

Each passing day your inventory depreciates in value. We encourage our dealers to use a speed-to-market approach. The faster your car is front row ready, the more opportunity you have to minimize loses. With the Dealer Car Search phone app, you can add inventory and images directly to the website.

color-coded Inventory Grid

Best Practices – Move Aged Units

A sale is a sale, however selling an aged unit is better for your business. Many times, customers shop based on payment not a specific car. If you have multiple cars that fit their payment and needs, it makes more sense to steer them towards the aged unit.

Visually know when it's time to move your inventory. Use our color-coded inventory grid to coincide with your curtailment payment schedule.

Example Color Code Settings:

  • Red = 90 days old
  • Yellow = 60 days old
  • Green = less than 30 days old
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Setting Inventory Preferences

Select the number in days when your inventory turns from Green to Yellow to Red. After entering your vehicle cost into our system, choose whether to show the internet price along with retail price on the inventory grid.

Automatic Price Reduction Strategies
Automatic Price Reduction Strategies

Custom Pricing Strategy

You’re in Full Control

We make it easy to implement your pricing strategy. Simply add your preferences into the system.

You can even create custom calculation fields and labels. All newly added inventory will follow those defaults.

Ever wonder how other dealers sell more cars at higher prices?

They know the value of their inventory and use innovative products to display it to customers.

Will Your Dealership Be the Next Success Story?

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Our combination of industry expertise and insider knowledge allows us to innovate products that truly meet the needs of our dealer base. We continue to be recognized as leaders in the Automotive Industry and never rest on our laurels. Throughout the years we have helped thousands of dealerships just like yours sell more cars. We want to earn your business too!

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