Price Watch Notifications

Price Watch Notifications

Increase Customer Engagement!

Looking for a new way to generate leads, increase website traffic and sell more cars? With the Price Watch Notification tool from Dealer Car Search, you can do just that!

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Price Watch Notifications

Automatically send your customers back to your website by notifying them immediately every time you drop the price of one of your vehicles, with the innovative Dealer Car Search Price Watch Notification Tool.

Price Watch Notifications

Generate More Leads

How Price Notifications Work

When customers research the inventory on your website, they can sign up for email/text alerts by clicking the “Price Watch” button located below the pricing of each vehicle on both the SRPs and VDPs – it’s that easy.

Once signed up, Dealer Car Search Price Watch Notification will alert them in real time when a vehicle’s price drops. Each notification contains the new price, the vehicle’s name, stock number, and a direct link to that vehicle. This feature will trigger their impulse to return to your site, putting your dealership front and center in their mind.

Leads generated from the Price Watch Notification form get automatically added into our Lead Management System.

Top Rated Lead Management


Lead Management

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Lead Management System

Everything your dealership needs:

  • Round the clock access to all leads via PC, cellphone, or tablet.
  • Leads Grid – Search function, filters, and sortable columns.
  • Create time stamped notes.
  • Create custom lead statuses.
  • Filter by lead status and prioritize your workflow.
  • Set lead appointments.
  • Create Employee logins.
  • Limit lead access – Flexible roles and permissions settings.
  • Assign and Merge leads.
  • Round Robin lead assignments.
  • Lead notifications by email and text.

Have Aged Inventory?

In an ideal world you could purchase new inventory, recondition it, and sell it at a premium in just a few days. The reality is that market conditions dictate price and how quickly a car will sell. If a car is over-priced it will just sit on the lot even in a hot market. Aged inventory causes cash flow issues for a dealership. It also limits your ability to buy cars that are in high demand.

This is where Price Watch Notifications and the proper markdown strategy comes in. When the market dictates the time for a price change, just update it within Dealer Car Search. Our system will automatically notify your customers to those new changes and breathe new life into your aged inventory.

Breathe New Life into Aged Inventory
Generate More Website Traffic

Generate More Website Traffic

Customers who sign up for Price Watch Notifications, have already viewed the vehicle, images, and description. This means they have a vested interest in that vehicle.

When the price changes, they are alerted, will naturally be curious, and return to your website. The price change may have piqued their interest, but the fear of missing out on buying the vehicle will lead to the sale.

Sell More Cars

Salespeople are taught to isolate objections and overcome them. Customers using the Price Watch Notifications tool are essentially handing you their main objection on a silver platter. Because leads are added into the Leads Management System, you will have their contact information and they have given permission to be contacted by email and/or text.

If they have already shown a vested interest in the vehicle and price is the only objection from them buying the car, why not be proactive and reach out to them? This is just one more way Price Watch Notifications can help your dealership sell more cars.

Price Watch Notifications - Sell More Cars

Ever wonder how other dealers sell more cars at higher prices?

They know the value of their inventory and use innovative products to communicate with them.

Will Your Dealership Be the Next Success Story?

Our Commitment to Excellence is Unwavering!

Our combination of industry expertise and insider knowledge allows us to innovate products that truly meet the needs of our dealer base. We continue to be recognized as leaders in the Automotive Industry and never rest on our laurels. Throughout the years we have helped thousands of dealerships just like yours sell more cars. We want to earn your business too!

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